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For skype, ask. If I don't know you at all I'd rather talk to you through tumblr asks first, if you're a commissioner we can keep contact through email or tumblr fanmail.

Donations are always welcome, but you can also just commission me!

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Hey guys, I made a new commission post. Click the pictures to enlarge!
I decided to make a new post with updated art and prizes. I know the prizes went up, but please understand that I really need money and as an improving artist I have the right to decide how much to ask for them. The reason why I’m making a new post is because- well, I kind of really need the money. I had to spend a lot of money on school supplies like my laptop and tablet, and I also have to pay everything myself from now, my parents won’t be paying a part of my school anymore.

I’m currently trying to save up to go on an international internship next year! My dad really doesn’t want me to go where I want to go, but I really want to prove to him that this is what I want and I also want to pay it myself.

tldr; need money for internship, that’s why I made a new commision post.

If you want to commission me, let me know in a note! I always read them and will reply to you as soon as possible!  International commisoners can pay me with paypal. I’m willing to draw pretty much anything, expect for extreme gore and (pony) porn/fetish stuff. Ask me about it if you’re not sure your drawing request falls under that catagory. C:

Hey everyone! You all need to commission this nerd, because her art is awesome and the prices are cheap and she does awesome ponies aswell.

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30 minute pixelovely class

I keep bumping my toes in this house

I finally put up some of the pony stuff I got at BUCK! I’m still in the middle of decorating my room so more stuff will follow :3 mostly non pony, though.

Anonymous said: "I feel sorry for the cheating part. But weird to bring it up so many years later? And I wanted to remind you, do an 11:11 tomorrow ;) And you inspire me very much, i wish I was talented as you :) You are a very kind person miss Tracy :3"

It was pretty crappy to find out, but it does soften the blow that I found out so much later ^^ It came up again because the person suddenly came back after disappearing for a while and stuff. 

Aww, thank you ;w; It’s always so mind boggling to hear that people actually like my art to the point where I inspire them, haha, it’s really hard to fathom xD Remember that talent is a really small part of what you do, most of it is really being passionate and working hard!

Anonymous said: "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (This represents the Atlantic Ocean)"

It’s a vast ocean of friendship and magic!

tambelon said: "$ and ! C:"

Aww! I really like your art >w<

thezeroteam said: "@%~+& - Does that count?"

I’m sensing some mixed messages here… xD

princessnoob said: "$#!!!"

Right back at ya!